Throughout history, new technologies have transformed agricultural productivity with bursts of innovation.

Key & Company works with companies that want to maximize the value of their proprietary technologies.


Technologies offer new opportunities to improve the quality and safety of our food supply. These include:

  • Identity preservation systems from field to final use so consumers may be assured of the origins of what they eat.
  • Internet technologies that offer food companies more efficient procurement systems and distribution systems.
  • Bio-engineered foods (recognizing the raging controversies) that deliver specific vitamins and proteins in preventing malnutrition
  • Testing and detection systems for trace contaminants


Key & Company believes there will be many innovations that will give new competitive opportunities to agribusiness companies, including:

  • Transgenic plant and animal systems that provide proteins and products for human health.
  • Wireless devices that retrieve and transmit production information from growing crops through geosynchronous satellite systems.
  • Information technologies which connect consumer demand more quickly to on farm production decisions.
  • New systems which allow for sustainable production systems
  • Improved bio-energy materials from cellulosic sources (corn stover, shrub willow and wheat straw)